Featured Artist on Cubify.com

Cubify.com is a cluster of things. A 3D printing hub of design products, digital files, 3D Printers (Cube and Cube X) and even a collection of talented young designers that have been selected as “Featured Artists” on the Cubify.com Community page. Not only is it a big honor to be chosen as a Featured Artist, it also comes with a few perks. You get to receive your own “Artist Store” where you can sell physical products and even digital files, a great way to make some extra cash. So recently I’ve been selected to be a Featured Artist and have been uploading a wide variety of things I’ve designed in my free time, like a 3D Printed Piggy Bank, a Crocodile Hanger, and even a Shark iPad Stand. All of these files have been perfectly optimized for the Cube 3D Printer so that there is no need for a raft or support structures. Normally these files would have a price tag on it and I’ve been strongly nudged to do so… but I’ve decided to give away all of my Cube digital files for free for all of you 3D Printing Evangelists! *for a limited time, of course, so be quick! I’ve received a lot of love from the 3D Printing Community and I thought this would be a great way to give back. If you do in fact download and print one of my designs, please send me a photo or two, or just post it on instagram and tag it #alanscubecreations

Click on the project link to go directly to the page or just click here.